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When a simple stand is no longer enough

To stand out in a store, when there are many similar products on the shelves, is not easy at all. So how do you get to the customer? Stop him, steal his attention, and get his attention? Promotions can be used, but the price often does not play the main role, and discounts have become an everyday reality. The need for other distinguishing features, which can be messages at the point of sale showing the advantages of the product, a nice hostess inviting you to taste it or the use of POS. It is this third proposal that we will focus on today.

– Customer requirements are increasing. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, so it is extremely important to carefully research the needs of consumers. Another stand will go to a young customer, and another to an older one. A great responsibility lies with the agencies we work with – usually they are the main principals and it is cooperation with them that results in materials from which the customer will be satisfied – says Aleksandra Kolatorska from POS Lab International – one of the producers of materials supporting sales. – It is worth starting cooperation with a POS company as early as possible. This will allow for consultations during the implementation of the sales campaign. Often, agencies already have a very precise appearance of the sales material, and sometimes it is good to create it together with the producer. Especially if it offers the possibility to design the material from the very beginning and is actively involved in the design. Because he has extensive experience, he can often advise in the right way – says Łukasz Wołek, CEO of Abanana and Eura7. The entire article prepared by Łukasz Wołek can be read on the OOH Magazine website.

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