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Wes Borland Net Worth 2022: His Age, Height, Weight, Spouse, and Children.

Louden, Guitarist, singer, and record producer Wesley Borland(Wes Borland) is well-known in rock. Big Dumb Face’s lead singer is also a member of Limp Bizkit, an American rap rock band. The singer was raised in Nashville, Tennessee. The musicians put on a variety of outfits during their performances. Edison Sound Record Label was responsible for producing Borland’s debut solo album, Crystal Machete.

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An Overview Childhood and Biography

Richmond, Virginia, USA, is the birthplace of singer-songwriter John Legend, who was born on February 7, 1975. Tom Barland and Sally Borland are the singer’s parents. There are no instruments allowed in the family household for Wes to play. Following the musician’s displeasure, the church’s stark taking guitar lessons. Borland’s brother is also interested in learning how to play the guitar, so they begin playing together.

The singer and his family have relocated to Jacksonville, Florida. Wes Borland received his education at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Los Angeles, California. He enjoys sculpting and creating special effects in his spare time at school. The band’s musicianship has improved, and the vocalist has begun to adopt its guitar and vocal style. As a child, Wes was made to go to church even though he had little interest in doing so. At the age of 18, the musician fled his parents’ house.

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A Self-Portrait of Wes Borland

Three marriages were a part of the singer’s life. Wes Borland wasn’t married and didn’t have any kids. Since their first wedding in April 1998, the couple has had three children together. Three years later, they divorced. In March 2009, Wes married Anna Carlise for the second time. In 2013, the pair decided to call it quits. He wed Carre Callaway, a member of the rock band Queen Kwong, in October 2016. Carre filed for divorce in 2019 and is now divorcing her husband. Detroit is where the pair lives as a unit.

The musician and his ex-wife Callaway rescue stray kittens in their neighborhood.

Age, Height, and Weight

Wes Borland, born on February 7, 1975, will be 45 years old on this day, which is January 25, 2021. His height is 6 ft 1 in, and he weighs 60 kg.

Professional Life and Work

By joining Limp Bizkit, the vocalist launched his career. Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, and John Otto founded the band. A club in Jacksonville, Florida, Punk became a popular venue for the band’s underground music. It was a high-energy performance by the band, and he appeared in various outfits.

Wes Borland departed Limp Bizkit because he disagreed with Durst’s leadership style. Diehard followers applauded her showy, theatrical rock approach. Eventually, the band struck a deal with Moji and Borland rejoined the lineup. It was due to their problems with Mojo that they chose Flip.

On the Billboard 200, the album Significant Other debuted at number one. In its first week on the market, it sold over 643,874 copies. Chocolate Starfish And Hot Dog Flavored Water was the band’s follow-up album. There were 1.05 million copies sold in its first week on the billboard.

Big Dumb Face’s next venture was a commercial flop. With Big Dub Face: Duke Lion Fights the Terror of Terror, the singer debuted a new album in 2001. Cruel Melody was the name of his first album with Black Light Burns.

On May 3, 2016, the vocalist launched Crystal Machete as a solo project. Edison Sound, the label he runs, issued the album. The Damning Well, Goatslayer, Big Dumb Face, From First To Last, Black Light Burns, and many more are among the various bands that Borland has played in. In concerts, he designed costumes and body paint.

The Net Worth of Wes Borland

Wesley Louden Borland reportedly has a fortune of $12 million. But instead, the vocalist ended up as a musician and singer. The rock band Limp Bizkit helped him achieve fame. In addition to singing, Edison Sound was founded by him. During his music career, Wes Borland made a lot of money.

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