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The current situation of Amaia Montero after the worrying image that she has made public

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Idoia, sister of Amaia Montero, has stepped forward in ‘Espejo Público’ and has spoken about the image that the singer has shared on social networks and that has generated great concern about her state of health

“If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what good is life to me?”… With these words and a black and white photograph in which she appears with a very deteriorated appearance, Amaia Montero set off all the alarms about her health just a few days ago. The former vocalist of ‘Van Gogh’s ear’ has generated a real earthquake with this publication and many celebrities have been very concerned about her: “Life always works”, Paula Echevarría has reacted. “Come on, Amaia, partner, you are great, we admire you, we love you. Up!”, Pastora Soler has dedicated her while Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo has shown her admiration and affection: “My love, I love you”. Such is the commotion that it has caused, that her sister has spoken publicly to settle all the rumours. Idoia, Amaia Montero’s sister, has stepped forward and spoken with Álex Álvarez for ‘Espejo Público’, a talk that has lasted 10 minutes and in which he has had the opportunity to clarify what is really happening with the singer. The young woman wanted to make it clear that “It will not confirm or deny what is happening” with the interpreter of ‘Rosas’ and that, as has been known, “He’s not going through his best moment”.Idoia has not wanted to go into details and, although it wants to continue to keep away from the controversies, She has been very grateful for the amount of support that Amaia Montero has received by friends and colleagues, gestures loaded with great value.

The last years of Amaia Montero have been full of great scandals. In 2018, the singer publicly exploded after receiving a lot of criticism due to her physical appearance. A very convulsive moment in her life in which she claimed to have suffered “pure bullying”: “In this country getting fat is the worst thing you can do. I was away for a while preparing the album and, when I reappeared, everyone started talking about my physical change,” the singer said in an interview with ‘El Mundo’ four years ago.

His eternal rivalry with Leire Martínez

Since Amaia Montero decided to start her musical career separately, much has been speculated about her bad relationship with Leire Martínez, her substitute in ‘Van Gogh’s ear’. More than 15 years have passed since that change and Leire has not been able to avoid expressing herself about her complicated start in the band. In addition, she also wanted to comment on how her meetings with Amaia have been: “We know each other. We have met several times. There is a correct relationship, but there is no relationship beyond”the singer told ‘Socialité’ in an interview. Leire has always been characterized as a prudent person and, although she does not want to stoke the fire of any controversy, she has admitted to the program presented by María Patiño that there are gestures by Amaia that did not like: “Everything that was not reasonable and normal, and everything that has already transcended or has been transcending, is not pleasant. But it is true that I try to be a little on the sidelines, because as I always say, it is not my war. I come to work.”

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