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Procat gears up in R&D

Operating in the call center sector, the R&D center established by Procat in 2018 has grown by 90 percent in 4 years. The company, which plans to enlarge its R&D team by 50 percent, plans to complete a total of 13 projects by the end of 2025, including those that have been completed so far and those that are under development. Developing the identity verification solution Know Your Customer (KYC), Procat aims to apply for a patent and export it to the European market.

“We will export the inventions of Turkish engineers to Europe”

Providing information about Procat R&D center activities, Engin Bıçakçı said, “While we are working to bring our customers’ contact centers to world standards, we have established an R&D center where we can develop our own technology. Thus, instead of offering high-budget and time-consuming solutions by importing technology from outside, we provide 100% domestic service opportunity by producing solutions suitable for the needs of companies with our own team. We have the ability to provide much faster service at reasonable costs. Thanks to our academic collaborations with Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul Technical University and Old Dominion University, we aim to raise the standards of communication centers by producing software with high added value. Our focus is on digital solutions, BOT, artificial intelligence, speech recognition technologies, biometric verification, business intelligence, performance management tools for customer service, sales and collections. Our target for 2025 is to finalize 13 projects in total. Our biggest excitement right now is our own KYC product, which we are preparing for a patent application. This product, which we have developed with a focus on security vulnerability in authentication and ease of service, will bear the registration of Turkish engineers. Our aim is to bring this product to a level that can be used all over the world, and to sign an important technology export. Our primary goal is to open up to the European market and then to the whole world.” made statements.

“We are breaking new ground in the industry with our patent application”

Bicakci, Procat Professional Services and R&D Director, said, “The need for security in the digital environment is increasing day by day. Therefore, authentication applications become more important. Know Your Costumer (KYC) is extremely important, for example, when opening an account in a bank without going to a branch, or in transactions where security verification is needed to identify or verify the identity of the customer periodically over time. It’s especially critical for banks to make sure their customers are who they claim to be. Many institutions that need identity verification in the digital environment such as banks, factoring companies, investment firms, digital wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, online marketplaces and car rental applications need this solution. The KYC solution, for which we will apply for a patent, offers the opportunity to verify the image on the camera without the need for the customer to manually enter their identity information. We have been working on this project for 1.5 years. The patent process of our project, in which we developed new machine learning methods that automatically evaluate call calls according to their content, continues. With this application, we became the first R&D center to apply for a patent in the call center sector.” said.

We will employ undergraduate and graduate students

Indicating that they will expand their R&D centers, Bıçakçı said: “Procat allocates an average of 10% of its consolidated sales turnover for R&D expenditures. We have completed 6 projects in 4 years. Along with our 4 projects that we continue actively, we aim to realize 3 more projects in the evaluation phase, which we have shaped with the ideas of our research staff, until 2025. In summary, we will have completed 13 projects by the end of 2025. We are trying to increase the number and quality of our projects through academic collaborations and international partnerships. In line with our goals, we anticipate growing our R&D team by 50 percent. In this context, we started to work with the universities we cooperate with in order to employ undergraduate and graduate students. Our door is open to young minds from all over Turkey.” said.

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