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Marrying Millions Season 2: Is Rick Sykes and Erica Moser Still Together?

Marrying Millions Season 2 Updates: Marrying Millions Season 2 went on hiatus on October 7, 2020, after a cliffhanger of an episode.

While some couples were making progress with their wedding plans, others were stuck, unsure if they should choose for a marriage-like commitment. But Erica Moser, 23, and Rick Sykes, 69, were certain of their love, and she even started looking for wedding gowns. But did all of that zeal last?

We’d have to go with a hard no if a buddy of hers wanted to tell the truth. A bomb was thrown on the site by a Reddit user who purported to be Erica’s buddy.

She verified that Erica and Rick were finished, and that we wouldn’t be seeing each other again. The information was gained through Erica’s social media account, where she no longer seems to be living on a boat and has no photos of herself with Rick. She was apparently never in it for love and had other ideas.

Marrying Millions Season 2: About her posts on social media accounts:

She has uploaded some extremely targeted content on her social media to signal such an outcome. They are no longer buddies on Twitter. She said that she wasn’t convinced she was in it for love from the start.

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However, in their interviews outside of the show, the couple appears to be extremely well-dressed and certain in their love for each other. So much so that they don’t even consider the 46-year age gap.

In actuality, they find it humorous when others condemn them for it. When it comes to her father, though, she listens to his advise. Erica understood her father’s decision not to attend her wedding ceremony, despite her love for Rick.

She told Fox News that dating someone older than him was not something he wanted for his small baby child. You can’t blame my father for not being pleased or for not being completely accepting.

Rick endured the misery of returning to his father to ask for her hand in marriage, and it meant a great deal to her. Erica’s father approved their marriage despite his first reservations.

Season 2 of Marrying Millions returns to Lifetime on January 27 at 10/9c with all-new episodes. For additional information, check your local listings.

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