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Kordsa acquires majority stake in Italian Microtex

Offering reinforcement technologies to the whole world with its production spread over a wide geography from America to Asia Pacific, Kordsa continues its investments in advanced composite technologies. In line with its strategic growth plans, the company has completed the acquisition process of the majority shares of Italian Microtex Composites. Kordsa will expand its global footprint in the field of composites with its new facility in Europe. Increasing its competence in composites by adding the Italian Microtex Composites company, which provides carbon fiber fabrics and prepregs to the super luxury automotive industry and motor sports in Europe, to its portfolio, Kordsa aims to provide sectoral and product-based diversity with its investment. Kordsa is among the giants of the world by exporting technologies developed by Turkish engineers at the Composite Technologies Center of Excellence in Turkey.

The target is sustainable growth

Kordsa is also a member of the UN Global Compact and is working to support limiting global warming below 1.5°C, with its commitment to the Scientific-Based Goals initiative. In this context, the company, aiming to leave a sustainable future to new generations, develops products for reducing fuel consumption in tire technologies and lightening vehicles in composite technologies. Evaluating the new investment, Sabancı Holding Industry Group and Kordsa Chairman of the Board Cevdet Alemdar said: It is a very valuable step in opening the products to the world market and bringing advanced technology to our country. Microtex Composites is a successful player in the luxury and electric vehicle market in Europe. With this acquisition, Kordsa, an advanced materials company, further strengthens my position in Europe. We aim to lead the sector with our Microtex Composites investment in composite technologies, which is an important part of our sustainability-oriented growth strategy.” While we are improving our product range with the investments we have made on this path that we are walking with the target of less emissions, we also strengthen our position as an advanced material technologies company. With our Microtex Composites investment in Europe, we will have taken an important step that will strengthen our operational capability and our place in the supply chain.” Massimo Becagali, General Manager of Microtex Composites, said: “Kordsa is a leading company in composite technologies, both with its initiatives in the aerospace industry in the United States and with its R&D centers in Turkey. We are pleased with our partnership with Kordsa, which is also the world leader in the technical textile industry. I believe this partnership will also strengthen Microtex Composites and add an international dynamism.”

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