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24Kitchen World Flavors Festival…
24Kitchen World Flavors Festival; It aims to bring together chefs from Italian, Asian, French, American and Turkish cuisines.

At the festival, which will last all day at Feriye Palace on Saturday, April 6, visitors will be able to taste the delicacies of the relevant cuisine while visiting the special areas defined for different cuisines, and experience unlimited treats throughout the day in the stands of the most restaurants representing these cuisines, in an atmosphere that keeps the culture of that cuisine alive. The festival will start in the evening and end with a DJ performance and live music.

The chefs of the future are rewarded…
The awards were given in the 2nd Tourism Vocational High School Cookery Competition organized by the Turkish Hoteliers Association (TÜROB) in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Gastronometro. Students from 12 schools competed in the competition held at the Gastronometro with the slogan ‘The Sector is in the Hunt for Talent’. In the competition, Küçükçekmece İMKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School came first, Selimpaşa İMKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School came in second, Kadıköy Mualla Selcanoğlu Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School came in third. Speaking at the award ceremony, TÜROB President Timur Bayındır stated that their main goal is to meet the need for qualified personnel in the tourism and hotel management sector and to increase the employment opportunities of vocational high school graduates in their field of education. He stated that the competition, which was held for the second time this year, will make a great contribution to the realization of this goal by covering all of Turkey in the coming years. Bayındır said, “We will do our best to make vocational high schools our main source of employment for our industry. As the accommodation sector, we continue to aspire to all qualified employees who graduated from tourism vocational high schools.”

Turkish delicacies at the Oscar night…
After the 91st Oscar Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles, the Oscar dinner was prepared by Wolfgang Puck, the official head chef of the Oscar ceremony for 25 years. Chef Puck, together with the Turkish chefs of Spago Istanbul, Yiğit Mirzaoğlu and Cihan Kipçak, who work in the Oscar kitchen, include “Alinazik”, which is made with meat and eggplant from the Gaziantep region as the main dish, and “Leaf with Cherry Olive Oil and Olive Oil,” adapted from the 500-year-old Ottoman Palace cuisine. Wraps”, Aegean cuisine’s favorite “Sea bass served with vine leaves” and Kayseri’s traditional “Yağ Ravioli”. Gaziantep’s “Dry Baklava” and “Damla Mastic Custard” served to guests by the Ottoman sultans dating back 10 centuries and served with Ottoman style pomegranate sherbet and kadai were also on the menu. For the menu created as a result of the efforts of the T-ONE Association President Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan and the Gastronomy Committee, Çetindoğan said, “Thanks to the efforts of the Gastronomy Committee of our T-ONE association and the initiatives of our association, the famous chef Wolfgang Puck offered three kinds of Turkish food on the dinner menu of the Oscar Award Ceremony, which took place last year. We were very proud on behalf of Turkey that our traditional flavors were presented at the Oscar Awards Ceremony this year and our varieties were increasingly included, as a result of the long efforts of our association.”

The panel held as part of the 37th DYO Art Awards Istanbul Exhibition…
As part of the 37th DYO Art Awards Istanbul Exhibition, the panel on “Art Education in Turkey and the Expectations of Young Artists” was attended by curator Denizhan Özer, Prof. Dr. It was held at Galata Greek School with the participation of Tülin Onat and Ekrem Kahraman. Thanking the DYO Painting Competition, the first competition he participated in after his studentship, for the support he has given to art and artists for years, Prof. Dr. Onat said, “If you keep art away from a society, its social values ​​will decrease. Art is not only an aesthetic event, but also a power that unites people. Therefore, the support given to young artists and art education in Turkey should be increased. While saying that oil painting or canvas-based subjects, which are fundamental in art education, are not taught in academies, he continued as follows: “Students studying at the faculty of fine arts in Turkey think they deserve to be artists when they graduate. However, only 5 percent of 1000 people take initiatives for art. When they graduate, they turn into fish out of water. The support of the state, local government and the private sector needs to increase.” Curator Denizhan Özer, who said that art is instilled in individuals in childhood, in European countries, said, “While 16 hours of art education are given in the West, only 1 hour of instruction is given in Turkey. Unfortunately, this class hour is not enough to understand art and discover talents. That’s why we have to prick ourselves first. As people who work for art, we should give the support that young artists expect from us and continue to strive for the development of art education.”

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