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Brad Lea Net Worth 2022: How Much does the Sales Guru make?

Brad Lea is a well-known entrepreneur and podcaster who also publishes books, teaches sales, and produces content. He has amassed a sizable fortune since he first entered the corporate sector. He is most known for starting and leading a firm called LightSpeed VT, which provides training solutions. Brad Lea’s net worth is $8 million as of 2022.

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Life at the Beginning: Brad Lea

On November 9, 1969, in Cottage Grove, Oregon, a girl named Lea was born. Back then, Brad was a mere two years old. In addition to him, he had three additional brothers and sisters. However, when their parents broke up, they were all brought to the orphanage.

His father eventually reclaimed them. At the time, Brad was raised in a middle-class family. Since his father had started a lot of firms, he had been exposed to his father’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Brad dropped out of high school at the age of 16 because he wanted to focus on his studies. A lack of funds meant that he could not attend college. Because his father had expelled him, he had no choice but to go.

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A Lowly Start

The actor was the first career goal that he set for himself. On the other hand, Brad gives up after six months of attempting to make a profit from it and becomes bankrupt. As a result, he made a u-turn.

When Brad was 17, he applied for the Oregon Forest Service job. He pictured himself as a team member tasked with putting out forest fires. But once again, he was mistaken.

Following his second employment, the young guy noticed an advertisement for a vehicle salesperson and took the position. He had finally risen to the work of top performers. In this job, he gained a wealth of knowledge about human psychology. He also started selling vacuums and paintings later on.

LightSpeed VT was founded.

Brad Lea came to terms with the fact that he had a gift for instructing others. However, he was only able to communicate with a limited number of individuals at a time. Thus, he concluded that the internet would allow him to reach a broader audience than traditional media.

His 1999 start-up, LightSpeed VT, was to revolutionize online education. They provide a fun and effective method of reaching their customers.

As Brad Lea’s firm flourished, he became a well-known character on social media. His 548,000 Twitter followers can count on him to post inspirational messages daily. As a result of his success, he began experimenting with new methods of teaching the public.

Expanded Opportunities

Dropping Bombs is the name of his show on the internet radio network. With interviews with guests, the show hopes to provide listeners with approaches that will be useful in both their personal and professional lives.

It’s not uncommon for him to upload videos on marketing, entrepreneurship, and life in general on his BRAD LEA TV YouTube channel. As of right now, his account has 126,000 followers.

Last but not least, he is a published author. First up, he has a book called The Real Deal. Also, he published The Hard Way, an encyclopedia of life lessons and universal guidelines for success.

Life at Home

Brad Lea is a divorced man who’s been married twice before. Meissa Renee Lea, his second wife, is a mystery to the general public. With the help of their two kids, the couple has formed a loving family.

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