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Al Reynolds Net Worth 2022: Former Husband of Star Jones is Sitting on a Fortune

Star Jones’s ex-husband, Al Reynolds, has a net worth of $2 million. Reynolds is the founder and CEO of the Al Reynolds Group, a real estate development firm. He also owns several restaurants in Washington, D.C., including The Park at Fourteenth. Al Reynolds has been married to Alisha Reynolds (née Wilson) since 1997. They have one daughter named Aliyah.

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Career: Al Reynolds was a banker, but he is now a businessman.

Reynolds has worked for many companies in various positions, including vice president of Wachovia Securities, a division of Wells Fargo. He also has his own business, Reynolds Consulting. In this business, he advises small businesses and helps them grow. Reynolds has been successful in both his banking and consulting careers. He attributes his success to his willingness to work hard and learn new things.

Marriage: Al Reynolds was married to Star Jones from 2004-to 2008.

Reynolds, the former husband of Star Jones, has an estimated net worth of $27 million. Before marrying Jones in 1999, Reynolds was a successful stockbroker. The couple divorced in 2002 after six years of marriage. Reynolds has been married to his third wife, Kelly Reynolds, since 2006. Together they have a daughter. 

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Divorce: Al Reynolds and Jones divorced in 2008.

After four years of marriage, the celebrity couple Al Reynolds and Star Jones divorced in 2008. The divorce was highly publicized, with the two exchanging scathing public statements about one another. Rumors circulated that the two had been having problems for some time before deciding to end their marriage.

Net Worth: Al Reynolds has a net worth of $2 million.

Reynolds, star of the hit show “The Office,” is married to actress Star Jones. Together they have two children; daughters Alisha and Aaliyah. Al Reynolds’ net worth is estimated at $8 million.

Conclusion: Al Reynolds is doing well post-divorce and is still enjoying his wealth.

Reynolds is the former husband of Star Jones. He has a net worth of $40 million. Reynolds was an NFL player for 12 seasons and played for the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, and Detroit Lions. He was also a member of the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys.


Who is Star Jones’s Husband?

Ans: Ricardo Lugo(m. 2018), Al Reynolds(m. 2004–2008)

Does Star Jones have a kid?

Ans: Jake, his only child, is a Walter Payton College Preparatory School student. To some extent, Jones stated she is active in Jake’s romantic life as well as his extracurricular interests, including his basketball games.

Did Star Jones get married?

Ans: On March 25, 2018, Jones and Lugo said their vows in the Bahamas on a cruise ship. The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant has been mum about her relationship with the lawyer in the past. As of October 2017, she has only announced her engagement to Us with a vague statement.

Did Al Reynolds come out?

Ans: Bisexuality has been revealed by Al Reynolds. After four years of marriage, Reynolds said in an interview with Radar Online published Thursday that he is “capable of loving both sexes, and I have done both,” referring to his marriage to former The View co-host Star Jones.

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