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How much will your vacation cost?


I very much doubt that you can answer me in your head right now. It would be a very good sign. It would be a sign that you have budgeted the money you plan to spend on vacation this summer. In the ideal world, you would have known since January that you have exactly €500, €1,200, €2,000 (or whatever) to spend this vacation without that money missing for the rest of the year for other things. That’s having financial intelligence. Is it possible to make money from the crisis? In the ideal world, knowing since January the budget you have planned for your summer holidays, you would have already looked for it in the first months of the year (January is the month you get the cheapest hotel rates) the best options to have the best vacation possible according to your tastes, desires and the money available. will ruin your finances for the rest of the year or the return to normality, in September. We get the same scare every year. Changing that is in our hands. It doesn’t have the same romanticism as spending at willbut your life will be calmer throughout the year and not just more “calm” during the 15 days of vacation. Also read: Travel insurance: Are you going on vacation protected against the unforeseen?

A Trick to End Holiday “Slippage”

It has happened to me several times to spend on vacation (lunches, dinners, supermarket shopping, cafes, pastries, carousels, amusement parks, snacks and cotton candy, and more this and that) and I thought I had everything under control. When I get to the end of my vacation and look at my account balance, I become aware of what happened. And on top of that it’s the worst time of the year with kids going back to school, winter clothes, car insurance and IMI soon after. All bad. Suggestions of destinations for vacations that you so much deserve! My suggestion is that this summer use a specific ATM card for all your holiday expenses. You can open a free bank account (Activobank, Moey, etc.) with free ATM cards and transfer the amount you planned (and can) spend there. Keep all other cards and cash in a “safe”, vacation-proof place. All the expenses you make and all the money you withdraw from the ATM will only be from that account where you put the planned money. So, you’ll have complete control over your spending and you’ll always know how much money you have left to spend. If you want to be even stricter, you can transfer to that special account only 80% of the amount you planned. So, when the ATM signals that you no longer have a balance, you will still have 20% to manage without having to go to your regular account to get more money because you still have a few more days at your holiday destination and you will really have to spend more money than I had planned. Another way to organize is to divide the planned amount by days and he only puts in his wallet in cash what he can spend that day. If you have money left over from the day before, you will have more money to spend now. When you run out of money in your wallet, you already know that you will have to limit your spending in the following hours.You can apply these tips throughout the yearin other areas that need to be kept under control such as spending on hypermarkets, the car, clothes or health. having this attitude won’t spoil your vacation.. It will save you the rest of your year and give you peace of mind in the months ahead.Set a maximum ceiling for your vacation this year and don’t spend a single cent than planned. I know it’s hard, but at least try. Read more: The best saving is getting out of debt Pedro Andersson was born in 1973 and fell in love with journalism as a teenager, at Rádio Clube da Covilhã. He graduated in Social Communication at the University of Beira Interior and began his professional career at TSF. In 2000, he was invited to be one of the founding journalists of SIC Notícias. Currently, he continues at SIC, as a coordinating journalist, and since 2011 he has been responsible for the “Savings Accounts” section, dedicated to personal finance. He tries to bring the reality of everyday life to the reports he makes.


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