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Extended Leave Adoption Allowance: How do I get it?

Social Security created the extended leave adoption allowancea, which, as its name implies, is a extension of the adoption allowance that you may initially apply for. In this way, the adopter(s) can dedicate more time to the adoptee in order to contribute to a positive adjustment to the new situation. In this article we will explore this subsidy, namely who is entitled, what amount, among other aspects.

What is the Extended Leave Adoption Allowance?

O Extended Leave Adoption Allowance is a cash benefit awarded to any of the adopters, alternately. So, this subsidy aims to assist the adopted person to promote integration into the household. However, this leave must be taken immediately following the expiry of the adoption allowance or adoption allowance for the extended leave of the other adopter. Also read: Did you know that when you adopt a child, you are entitled to an adoption allowance?

What are the conditions for granting this subsidy?

To obtain this subsidy there are some conditions. Thus, whoever adopts must have six calendar months with earnings record. In order to count the six months, the periods of registration of remunerations in other social protection systems, national or foreign, that cover this type of protection, including that of the civil service, are considered. It is also necessary that they enjoyed the respective licenses, provided for in the Labor Code, in the case of employees, or equivalent periods in other cases. Read also: Are you going to adopt a child? Find out if you have access to the adoption allowanceYes. The accumulation of the allowance for adoption for extended leave with other benefits possible, however there are exceptions. You can then accumulate this benefit with compensation and pensions for occupational disease or accident at work and disability, old-age and survivors’ pensionsThe. You can also accumulate with pre-retirement, social inclusion income and support allowance for the main informal caregiver. Heads up, cannot accumulate this benefit with income from work, unemployment benefit and sickness benefit. It cannot also accumulate with benefits granted under the solidarity subsystem and benefits arising from the same fact.With regard to the unemployment benefit is only suspended during the period you are receiving the Extended Leave Adoption Allowance. When finished, it will be refunded. Although, must inform Social Security of the beginning and end of that period. Also read: Health insurance for childbirth: what to consider?

How long is the extended leave adoption allowance?

The extended leave adoption allowance is assigned for a period of three months to one of the adopters, or in the case of a couple, to both, but alternately. However, it is necessary that this period be taken immediately following the period of granting the adoption allowance or adoption allowance for extended leave of the other adopter. However, there are two situations in which this subsidy may be suspended. First, there is suspension of this benefit due to illness of the beneficiary who is receiving it. There are also swithdrawal of this subsidy for hospitalization of the adopter or adopted. In both situations, the interested party must notify Social Security and present the respective medical/hospital certification.Also read: How to register a child’s birth in Portugal

What is the amount to be received?

The amount receivable from this subsidy corresponds to 25% of the reference remuneration. However, this remuneration presents different calculations whether or not there are remunerations in the six calendar months immediately preceding the second month prior to the beginning of the impediment to work. Thus, in the case of these remunerations, the calculation of the reference remuneration is RR = R/180, where R corresponds to the total of registered remunerations. On the other hand, if the aforementioned remuneration is not available, the calculation of the reference remuneration is RR = R/(30xn)on what R corresponds to the total of the remuneration recorded from the beginning of the reference period until the day before the impediment to work and no is the number of months to which they refer.However, although these forms of calculation exist, there is a minimum daily amount that this subsidy must comply with. Therefore, the amount of the subsidy cannot be less than €5.91 (40% of 1/30 of the IAS), with the value of the IAS in 2022 being €443.20. The extended leave adoption allowance is paid monthly or at once, depending on the respective concession period. As for the form of payment, it can be by bank transfer or by check.Also Read: Are You Pregnant? Find out about your rights at work

How do I get the Extended Leave Adoption Allowance?

the subsidy can be requested online, through Direct Social Security. On the other hand, it can also be requested in person using the form Mod.RP5050-DGSS. In this case, you must go to Social Security or the citizen’s shop and bring the documents indicated on the form. through Direct Social Security, the evidence can be sent in the same way as long as they are correctly digitized.To apply for the adoption allowance for an extended license has a period of six months.Also read: Child care allowance: What are the conditions for entitlement

What are the duties and sanctions associated with this benefit?

whenever there is facts that determine the cessation of entitlement to the allowance, these must be communicated to Social Security. Whether by changing conditions regarding leave periods, absences and unpaid layoffs provided for in the Labor Code, or equivalent periods. This communication must be made within five working days following the date of its verification.If there is a breach of the duties indicated, by action, omission or use of any fraudulent means that allows the improper granting of the subsidy, incurring the payment of a fine that can range from €100 to €700.Also read: Baby expenses: How to guarantee the essentials, quality and still save

What are the compensatory benefits associated with this benefit?

With regard to compensatory benefits (for example, Christmas and holiday allowances)a benefit is provided as long as the beneficiary is not entitled to payment of those allowances, in whole or in part, by the employer. In the same way, is assigned if the impediment to work lasts for 30 consecutive days or more. As for the amount, it corresponds to 80% of the amount that the beneficiary no longer receives from the respective employer.To obtain this compensation, must place your order within six months (counting from January 1 of the year following the year in which the allowances were due or the date of termination of the employment contract). Read also: Do ​​you need to be absent from work? Know your rights and duties

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