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Are you thinking of saying goodbye? Know what to consider

if you are thinking say goodbye there are some practical aspects to consider🇧🇷 Career changes are common and stem from different reasons, namely dissatisfaction with the current job, difficulty in finding a job in the training area or the need to improve on a financial, personal or emotional level.On the other hand, there are people who keep the same job for many years, but feel that the time has come for a change. The career they have always dedicated themselves to no longer satisfies them and change is the way forward. It’s not always easy and financial responsibilities speak louder. In this article, therefore, we address aspects to take into account if you are thinking of saying goodbye to your current job.

Pros and cons of keeping your job

Before taking any decision you should try to understand the advantages and disadvantages what you will have to deal with. When we reach a point where we are dissatisfied with our job it’s easy to see only the benefits of changing. A change of environment, a possible increase in pay, a place closer to home, all of these, among many others, are valid reasons to go ahead with this change. benefits of changing jobs. THE timing may not be the best as the current economic climate makes the situation too risky🇧🇷 For example, increasing the mortgage payment or the birth of a child make all the difference in the family budget. Once the positive and negative aspects have been identified, you should analyze them and see which ones “win”. That is, whether the positive aspects outweigh the negative, or vice versa. Although, in this topic, we present the situation in a very linear way, it is not always. Therefore, it must always do an introspection and make sure you are sure of the decision youu will take. Read more: Are you going to say goodbye? Know the notice deadlinesBefore making the decision to say goodbye, consider sharing your concerns with your boss🇧🇷 If your goal is to get better pay, ask him for a pay raise. Express your point of view and the reasons why you deserve this raise. Admittedly, there are no guarantees that your application will be accepted, however, companies are also not interested in losing employees, especially with experience. so can try to reach an agreement.If, on the other hand, what bothers you is the team you are part of or even the tasks you are responsible for, try to express that too. You can always get a change of position or team🇧🇷 Don’t be afraid to approach your superiors. Often the solution can be simple. Read more: Want to change careers? 6 books that can help you make a decision

Consider an internal position change

Imagine that you have come to the conclusion that want to change jobs🇧🇷 You don’t feel good in your current state and you want something different. Before saying goodbye, because it does not consider a change of internal position🇧🇷 The fact that you perform certain functions in a company does not mean that you cannot perform others, and different ones. Visit your company’s employment platform, look for vacancies in other positions, in the same area or another. You might end up finding something that appeals to you and that offer the change you need. This is a way of less radical change, but that might be enough for you. Sometimes we get tired of the tasks we are doing and we just need to do something different. Also read: Dismissal for maladaptation: In what situations can it happen?

What do you want from your next job?

If you are going to leave, it is important to define What do you want in a future job?🇧🇷 Do you want to stay in the same field or move into something different? May want a better salary or something closer to home. On the other hand, you may prefer to work remotely or even create your own business. In any situation, tHaving an action plan is critical to success. If you are still not sure what you are going to do, you should do a detailed search. Currently, there are some professional sharing platforms where you can quickly see what other people are doing and eventually contact them to ask questions. The Linkedin platform is one of the most known and used. By seeing what other people are doing, and the job possibilities that exist, you might discover areas you didn’t even know about. Also read: Leaving for just cause: know what to take into account

Assess your financial situation

Another aspect to consider before saying goodbye is the assessment of your financial situation. Changing is often necessary, however, the height is not always appropriate. With rising interest rates and consequently housing payments, many people have been forced to cut back in order not to miss payments. In the same way, the current situation of inflation that is verified in the prices of food and fuel, also means that many households have to reduce expenses. see if you have enough stability to take this step🇧🇷 Changing jobs can mean moving from a situation of professional stability to one of instability. For example, if your company has an open-ended contract, you may, when starting a new activity, be forced to start with a fixed-term contract, or even another modality. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity, you should just make sure you do it consciously. Also read: Changing careers: Get ready, know what to expect

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