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Love After Lockup Season 4 Cast – Everything You Need to Know

love after lockup season 4 cast

Whether you are looking for information about Chance, Sara, Caitlin, Cheryl, or Marcelino, you will find the information you need right here. If you are looking for information about the Love After Lockup season 4 cast, you have come to the right place.


During the first season of Love After Lockup, Matt and Caitlin were a pair of wild cards. They were introduced with big plans to live their lives together. But they had no idea what it would be like to be on the outside. It would take 30 hours of visits in a prison room before they had sex.

However, Caitlin and Matt fought frequently throughout the season. Caitlin was excited to do things with Matt, but was not too happy about the way things were going. She felt she had become a stronger woman because of Matt.

However, when Matt was released from prison, the two had sex in the woods. They were surprised when a surprise offer came their way. They decided to get married. They even tried to buy a home together.

Caitlin has been married twice before. She and Matt first met through a Craigslist pen pal ad. She married Matt in June 2006. She has one child, but no custody of the child.

Caitlin has been an active Instagram user. She posts photos and has been active with fans. She has also posted a few memes. However, she hasn’t mentioned her previous marriages in the media.


During Season Four of Love After Lockup, Chance and Tayler will deal with all kinds of problems. They will have to deal with family issues, roadblocks, and insecurities. They will also have to learn how to adapt to a world of freedom. They will have to work together to create unforgettable moments.

Chance was incarcerated with Tayler’s former boyfriend. They began to talk while Chance was behind bars. They would talk on the phone once a week. Their feelings for each other developed. Chance hopes to propose to Tayler when he is released from prison. However, Tayler’s family does not approve of their relationship.

Tayler is 26 years old. She has three daughters. She works in payroll. She is a loving mother. She is trying to get out of a criminal past. She is working to make this relationship work. But Chance does not seem to be very understanding. He may be controlling.

Tayler is from Elsberry, Missouri. Chance moved to Elsberry to be with her. Chance has a license issue. He may be hiding something from Tayler. Chance also wants to move Bobbie George out of the house. Chance and Tayler find it difficult to settle in.


Having a new partner on Love After Lockup can be exciting, but there are some downsides. The show centers on couples who meet and fall in love while incarcerated. They have to deal with issues like road blocks, drama, and emotions. But, in the end, they try to make their lives a little bit easier and find out how to adapt to the new world of freedom.

There are also a few couples on Love After Lockup that deal with some of the more controversial issues. One of those couples is Tayler George and Chance Pitt. Both are convicted felons who are now living with each other after being released from prison. But, Tayler is having a hard time keeping her head above water.

Chance has had a rough life. He has lost several people in his life, and he wants to change. He hopes to have a “normal” life with his girlfriend. But, he is worried that Bobbie will take a role in their relationship. He wants to take a more authoritative role in their household.

Tayler George, on the other hand, doesn’t have a lot of time to be happy. Her three little girls are eager to meet Chance, but Tayler isn’t so thrilled with the idea of having to give up her beloved Bobbie.


Previously, we’ve followed six couples who have faced troubles reuniting with their incarcerated loved ones. Now, it’s time for six more to meet their former partner.

Brittany Dodd and Marcelino Santiago are two of the former contestants of Love After Lockup. They were married in a Las Vegas ceremony at the end of Season 2. They have two children together.

Brittany and Marcelino were first introduced to viewers through their prison pen pal program. They fell in love and married. They’ve since moved into a new home in Las Vegas.

When they first met, Brittany and Marcelino had a lot of trouble finding intimacy. However, they eventually built a loving and happy family. They have a daughter named Zoila and a son named Marciano.

However, they’re currently experiencing a hard time in their relationship. They’re starting to get distant. There are rumors that the couple is headed for splits.

In one episode of Love After Lockup, Brittany pushed her former prison bunkie, Amanda, to the floor. Amanda didn’t tell her friend the whole truth right away. However, she did reveal that she had been pregnant. Brittany was shocked.

In recent episodes, Brittany found out that Marcelino had been messaging Amanda on the sly. In fact, he’s been sending her naughty pictures. Brittany also discovers that Marcelino has been looking for sex in internet chat rooms.


Probably the most popular Love After Lockup couple is Brittany and Marcelino. Their story is not without its share of drama.

Brittany was raised in a middle class family in Houston. She was hard working and a good provider. She had a steady job as a realtor. She also had a great sense of humor. However, after her release from prison, Brittany was shocked to find out that she was dating an inmate. She was also shocked to discover that she was already pregnant with Marcelino’s child.

In the season 2 finale, Brittany and Marcelino got married in Las Vegas. They had two children together, Zoila and Giovanni. They are now a happy family. Brittany has also settled into her new job as a realtor. She is now putting the past behind her.

Brittany and Marcelino have also been featured in a spinoff, Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. In this season, Brittany is jealous of Marcelino’s flirting with Amanda. They also have a big decision to make.

The couples therapy scene in episode two seemed like a real life scene. However, it was more of a trick than a true story. It also included a thirst trap that was set up for Stan.


Probably the most talked about cast member of Love After Lockup season 4 is Cheryl. She is not a household name like other unscripted TV stars, but she has managed to garner a lot of interest from the general public. She has been in two relationships that have been somewhat messy.

Cheryl and Josh have been together for two years. They met online. They initially had chemistry. But the sparks started to fade when arguments arose.

Cheryl hasn’t shared much about her personal life with the media. She does have an Instagram account, however, where she posts about her children and everyday life. She has an estimated 11.7 thousand followers.

It’s no secret that Cheryl has a fascination with serial killers. She’s also been known to have an obsession with the color blue. However, she hasn’t discussed this obsession with the media.

What’s not so secret is that she’s also involved with a lot of convicts. Cheryl and Josh met when Cheryl was searching for pictures of serial killers. She also started to send Josh money. However, the money could have been used to put towards their children’s future.

Love After Lockup season 4 is expected to premiere in January 2021. It is expected to be another hit for WEtv. The show’s popularity has grown rapidly over the past few years. The show has also received favorable reviews from viewers across the globe.


During the Love After Lockup season, there were a lot of love mishaps. Sarah and Michael had a complicated relationship. However, they appeared to be making things work. This was despite Sarah being pregnant again. They were expecting a girl named Rayne. Sarah is now five months pregnant.

There have also been questions about the way the two women want to be perceived this season. In the past, both women have tried to take shots at each other.

Sara’s story has sparked much debate among fans. Some fans want to move on from Sara’s crimes, while others question the morality of her actions. Some fans are willing to forgive Sara because of remorse. However, many others still question the circumstances of her crime.

Sarah has been a big social media star and has been promoting companies that advertise products. She has worked with Teami Blends and Flat Tummy Co. She is brand ambassador for both.

The Love After Lockup season premiered on WE tv on January 12, 2018. The show features nine former inmates and their significant others, and deals with their emotional challenges of living outside of prison. This season introduces couples such as Doug and Rachel, Daonte and Nicolle, and Mary and Dominic. The show airs every Friday at 9 p.m. EST on WE tv.

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