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Flash Season 8 Trailer

flash season 8 trailer

The Flash season 8 trailer reveals a new villain named Deathstorm. He is an evil version of Ronnie Raymond, played by Robbie Amell. This episode follows episodes from Episode 6 – Iris cures her time sickness, Barry fights off Pytor Orloff, and Caitlin makes amends with Mark and Frost.

Episode 6 – Iris cures her time sickness

As part of an investigation into the crimes of the Coast City Phantom, Iris Dearbon travels to Coast City with Sue Dearbon. As they do so, Iris begins to open up about her time sickness. During the investigation, Iris and Sue meet a young girl named Tinya Wazzo, who has been searching for her birth mother. Iris and Sue convince Tinya to join them in Coast City. Meanwhile, Iris is visited by Deon, who informs her that he has some bad news for Iris.

This week’s episode will explore Iris’s time sickness. Since season seven, Iris has been experiencing a mysterious illness that causes her to disappear. In addition to disappearing, she has been making people and objects disappear. In this episode, we’ll discover how she cured her time sickness and what happened to her relationship with her current enemy.

Barry fights off Pytor Orloff

The Flash has begun its eighth season, and the first trailer for the next installment shows Barry fighting off Pytor Orloff, a supervillain who wants to steal Barry’s superpowers. This villain, who wants to become immortal, has a plan to use the young people’s power to turn himself into an immortal. In this trailer, Barry fights off Orloff and defeats him, but he’s not the only one who will have to deal with this villain.

This new villain is a creation of Mike Baron and Jackson Guice. This team of speedsters first appeared in Flash #7, and she first died in Flash: Rebirth #2 in 2009. Barry helped the Blue Trinity escape, but they were captured and turned into avatars. In the season’s eighth episode, the trio was brought to the United States on the trail of the evil scientist Pytor Orloff, who was seeking to resurrect the dead Thawne. However, the team had to face the threat of Negative Forces as well.

Iris forgives Frost and Mark

Flash season 8 will premiere with a new episode called “Return of the Weather Wizard.” In this episode, we will see the return of the Weather Wizard, Mark Mardon, who is also known as the Weather Wizard. Iris and Barry decide to visit the town of Iron Heights to find out if Mark is still living there.

Last week, Team Flash suffered a devastating loss. The surviving members of the team are having a difficult time moving on. After Frost absorbed Deathstorm’s energy, he died protecting Caitlin.

Caitlin apologizes to Frost and Mark

The flash season eight trailer features a touching scene where Caitlin apologizes to Mark and Frost for messing up the date. While she tells Mark that she’s sorry for the misunderstanding, she also calls out Frost for not giving her all during the date. Caitlin says she knows what her family would want for her.

Throughout the episode, Caitlin tries to make amends with Mark and Frost and resolves to get them back together. She brings Mark to her apartment and resolves to get Frost back. Meanwhile, Iris is in a green light, having discussed her new allies with Taylor.

Iris cures Iris’ time sickness

Flash season 8 trailer: Iris West-Allen is back in season 8 after spending much of the season in the Mirrorverse. This season, Iris has been suffering from time sickness and worried about Barry’s fate. She also has the ability to make people and objects disappear. Recently, a Citizen staffer was vanished.

Season eight will also feature a two-part finale. The episode will focus on the fate of Iris and the speedster war. The showrunner Eric Wallace has teased that the time-sickness will be cured at the end of the episode and the season will wrap up on a happy note. The Flash airs Wednesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. ET.

The Flash season 8 premiered with the Armageddon crossover event, a story arc that featured characters from the Arrowverse, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and Black Lightning. Despite the crossover event, the majority of the season focused on Team Flash trying to cure Iris’ time sickness. Other stories included a Deathstorm threat and Team Flash dealing with loss.

Iris cures Pytor Orloff

In the Flash season eight trailer, we see the team come together to cure Pytor Orloff, the evil scientist who has possessed the Flash for decades. The team consists of Barry, Iris, and Deon, and their main goal is to save the world. The team travels to Coast City, where they meet up with Iris’ adopted daughter Tinya Wazzo, who has been searching for her birth mother. Upon meeting her, the duo convinces Tinya to join them. When they meet her, they are interrupted by the arrival of Deon, who has bad news for Iris.

Iris helps Barry cure Pytor Orloff, but it’s not easy. He’s unable to use his speed, and it’s a risky move. The team has to keep an eye on the satellites for gamma spikes, which could kill Barry. Barry will have to take Orloff’s files to the STAR Labs, but they’ll need a while.

Iris catches Pytor Orloff

Flash season 8 premieres January 17, and it’s already exciting. The first episode of the eighth season is titled “The Nightmare on Elm Street,” and it’s the first episode without Frost. In this episode, Team Flash struggles to cope with the loss of their friend. The team is divided as Iris tries to find her. Nora, who’s been trying to locate her since the start of the series, is reluctant to help.

The Flash is still a man with a dark past, but this season, he has more than enough to keep him in check. His past is more complicated than ever. He’s also dealing with the consequences of his past mistakes. The Flash is now dealing with a mysterious stranger whose twisted methods have caused him trouble.

Deathstorm arc

In the Deathstorm arc of the Flash season 8 trailer, the new villain is revealed. It’s not a human, but rather an interdimensional entity whose sole purpose is to consume grief. Robbie Amell, who played “Ronnie Raymond,” was brought back for the arc. While his character is not a human being, he does look like one.

The new villain is a terrifying threat who is always one step ahead of Team Flash. As the series’ heroes struggle to keep the city safe, Deathstorm uses Cecile’s empathic powers to track them. The team must work together to find Deathstorm and stop him before he can kill them all again.


The CW has released the finale trailer for The Flash season 8! The episode will be called “Negative, Part 2” and picks up where the season ended, on the nineteenth episode. Barry will still be reeling from the events of the season and Team Flash will be doing their best to support him. The finale will also set the stage for the upcoming ninth season.

The season will end with Barry Allen battling the evil Reverse Flash. This villain was an amazing opponent, but ultimately Barry Allen came out on top. Barry Allen was able to defeat Eobard Thawne’s alter ego in the season finale, and ended up saving the world from the dreadful Negative Reverse Flash.

Martin Freeman

After being seen in Black Panther and the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming, fans will be excited to see Martin Freeman in Flash. He will return to his role as the mysterious Evertt Ross, who will appear in the series’ next installment. While there are a lot of unknowns in the upcoming season, the trailer is a nice glimpse of what to expect.

The flash season 8 trailer reveals the upcoming season’s cast and reveals the cast. As you can see, the show’s lead cast will include Martin Freeman, who returns for the third time as the Flash. The cast is comprised mostly of returning actors, but some actors have even been given new roles. The cast for season eight will feature many familiar faces and a major surprise cameo.

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