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Vero wants to socialize us

Not so long ago, we wondered if and when Facebook would be replaced with a worthy alternative. According to eMarketer data, in 2017 the portal lost 2.8 million users under 25 in the United States alone. And as we know perfectly well from history, many global trends begin just overseas. Facebook seems to be becoming passé in certain circles. What does it mean? Seemingly not much. However, when looked at a little better, this situation gives a clear sign for alternatives. One of them, the Vero social app, is gaining popularity in particular. The platform allows you to share books, music, photos, movies and other various content with your friends. Does it remind you of something? This invention, however, differs from Facebook in several ideas that work in Vero’s favor. Unfortunately, at the beginning of his “boom”, he experiences one to swallow and two huge mishaps that will be very difficult to forget. First of all, the huge interest in the platform has not been met with adequate server performance, which is why users report problems related to the application’s operation. The creators apologize and ask for patience. It seems that they are gifted with it because the interest is constantly growing. On Monday, the download counter surpassed the magic number of 1,000,000. Second, about the creators. Platform CEO – Ayman Hariri is a character that evokes extreme emotions. He is accused of participating in the high-profile case of the Oger company, which stopped paying its employees. We know nothing about the payouts for the Vero team, but the headlines of industry magazines do not remain indifferent to this fact.

Third, many users have become indignant about the app’s terms of use, in which Vero has reserved the right to use user-contributed content, names, and voice recordings. Fortunately (for the platform), the allegations were quickly dismissed and the wording of the questionable points in the regulations corrected.

The PR department of the platform works effectively and dispels potential crisis issues relatively quickly. It is not yet clear exactly how it will be monetized, but the developers stipulate that we will not see any ads on it. Most likely there will be a subscription model involved. On the homepage, however, we read that until the payment details are announced, new users can enjoy a lifetime free account. Unfortunately, I see one rather serious problem in it. I wanted to test it for you and share my initial impressions. Unfortunately, only two of my friends use it and none of them have shared anything yet … # Google +

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