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The consumer at the wheel, i.e. travel in the digital age

Advertisers and marketers bend over backwards to develop our day with their content. They arranged the contact points available in our homes, at work and on the road. Let’s stop at the last point – when we are moving as a public transport passenger. The touchpoint will be printed advertisements in vehicles, our smartphone, billboards etc. The question is how to get to the driver that cannot be visually engaged. Or at least it shouldn’t be… yes, yes – put away your smartphones and read the rest of the article on the spot. The gateway that brand can reach the driver while driving is hearing. The current situation is quite clear. Radio stations have no problem selling their airtime. What about drivers who choose their own music while driving? Will the modern Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto or MirrorLink systems become the next point of contact with consumers? “And who has such miracles in the car?” You will ask. Just look at the five most popular models in Poland (Skoda Fabia, Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Passat). All manufacturers offer complex audio systems that will easily “get along” with our smartphones, and the four models mentioned above will also connect to Apple and Google applications. It can therefore be assumed that it will soon be an absolute standard, not an optional luxury. As the popularity grows, the interest of advertisers will increase. We are extremely curious how and whether this point of contact will be developed. What kind of content will reach the driver while driving? Will separate messages be created especially for passengers? Curious and buried in hypotheses, we wish you safe driving.

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The word specialist who ditched the radio microphone in favor of marketing. Passionate about music, motorization and advertising creations that can be squeezed into an armchair or amused to tears. During his short professional career, he had the opportunity to test his skills in analytical, strategic and creative positions. In the Abanana agency he fulfills himself as a junior public relations specialist. He lacks assertiveness towards his own creations, which is why he became a die-hard fan of it while working with Microsoft.

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A professional writer by day, a tech-nerd by night, with a love for all things money.

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