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Song Joong Ki: “I miss Kim Tae Ri”

friendship between Song Joong-ki Y Kim Tae Ri the main actors of the film “Space Sweepers” , is a hot topic these days in Korea. On the 16th, Song Joong-ki posted a photo on his Instagram, saying, “Please show your support for «Space Sweepers« «. In the picture, he smiles brightly as he looks at fellow actress Kim Tae Ri with whom he starred in «Space Sweepers»on his new YouTube channel

Song Joong-ki also drew attention when he mentioned Kim Tae Ri at the Busan International Film Festival last year. Attended open talk event “Space Sweepers” which was held at the open-air stage of the Udong Film Center in Haeundae-gu, Busan, on October 7 last year. Attended with the director Jo Sung-hee Y Jin Seon-kyu.

Song Joong-ki said: “ Jin Seon-kyu he’s my older brother and my sunbae but he was actually a person who “touched the bridge”. He only managed to connect me, Kim Tae Ri Y to Yoo Hae-jin . He’s a really attractive person, so that image was projected well on the character in Tiger Park,” he praised.

Song Joong-ki said, “I wish Kim Tae Ri was with us, but I’m sorry he couldn’t be. I miss a lot to Kim Tae Ri «. In the meantime, Song Joong-ki is in the middle of filming the new JTBC drama «The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family» . Have you heard, or have you read, producers? Here’s a great couple for an upcoming drama!! What are you waiting for!!?? Just please, don’t offer them any history… Credits Hancinema

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