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Minister Kirişci: Our 8-month export of agricultural products is 21.5 billion dollars

In his speech at the “Diyadin Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone Groundbreaking Ceremony” in Diyadin district of Ağrı, Minister Kirişci stated that specialized organized industrial zones based on agriculture are important. Kirişci said: “We need to deliver a kilo of tomatoes to the target audience. (From Antalya to Ağrı) Does it just lose its freshness when it travels, no. Our idea is to provide on-site employment as well. aWe want to keep water where it falls, and feed people where they were born. Our goal here is to reduce energy costs as much as possible due to greenhouse heating and to make this production cheaper here. Because this is important. Our hometown is Adana. When the greenhouse is mentioned, Mersin and Antalya come to mind. Now it’s being added to it in Adana.” Kirişci explained that there are many features that distinguish normal greenhouses from geothermal greenhouses. Indicating that other greenhouses will not have a chance to compete with geothermal ones in the future, Kirişci said, “I must frankly state this. Our greenhouse growers will not have a chance to compete with the greenhouse growers of Diyadin one day tomorrow. Because the geothermal resource here inevitably brings with it the use of an investment in production for 11 months in a year. We do not have such an opportunity. In our case, if you use the greenhouse for 11 months, the plant inside will scorch during hot periods. What will you do, you will open the greenhouse. However, let me tell you that our greenhouses are not actually greenhouses. It is not a greenhouse with this discipline at this level technologically like here,” he said.

“Our export of agricultural products in the first 8 months of the year is 21.5 billion dollars”

Kirişci emphasized that 30 thousand tons of tomatoes will be produced annually in the greenhouses that will be put into service in Diyadin. Reminding that the desired figures have been achieved in agriculture and exports, Kirişci said: “Those who do not want to hear from here in the first 8 months of the year may not hear it. But I am calling out to our brothers that we believe will be happy to hear. Our agricultural product exports in the first 8 months of the year are 21.5 billion dollars. Now there is another quarter. O If we go over 30 billion dollars with the quarter, remember that when we came to power in 2002, this country had only 36 billion dollars in total exports. There was also 3.7 billion dollars in exports of agricultural products. You know when our President sometimes says ‘from where to where’, that’s blessed. I hope the journey will continue with the production in this greenhouse.” After the speeches, the foundation of Diyadin Agriculture-Based Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone was laid.

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