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Automotive exports reached $2.76 billion

Turkey’s automotive industry exported $2.76 billion worth of products in September. According to the statement made by the Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB), the exports of the automotive industry in September increased by 11.7 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 2 billion 753 million dollars. Increasing its share in total exports to 13.9 percent, the automotive industry maintained its second place in Turkey’s exports. In the January-September period of this year, the exports of the automotive industry increased by 5 percent and reached 22.3 billion dollars, while the average monthly export in the 9 months was 2.5 billion dollars.

13 percent increase in supply industry exports

When the sub-product groups of the automotive industry are examined, the “supply industry” exports, which increased by 13 percent in September to 1 billion 182 million dollars, took the first place among the product groups to which the most exports were made. While the export of “passenger cars” increased by 26 percent to 807 million dollars, the export of “motor vehicles for transporting goods” decreased by 25 percent to 425 million dollars. The highest rate of increase in exports in September was seen in the “tractors” group. The export of tow trucks increased by 249 percent and reached 201 million dollars. In September, exports to Germany, the largest market of the automotive industry, increased by 27 percent to 403 million dollars. Despite a 4 percent decrease in exports to the United Kingdom, it ranked second with 324 million dollars. France, where exports increased by 35 percent to 270 million dollars, came in third. In September, exports increased by 23 percent to Italy, 24 percent to Spain, 68 percent to Poland, 20 percent to Romania, 40 percent to Bulgaria, 32 percent to Sweden and 98 percent to the Czech Republic. Exports to Turkey decreased by 12 percent, to Slovenia by 31 percent, and to Egypt by 48 percent.

“It was the highest September export ever”

OIB Chairman of the Board Baran Celik, whose views are included in the statement, mentioned that the increase of approximately 12 percent in September after the 6 percent decrease in August is important. Stating that there was a high rate of increase in exports to Germany, France and Poland last month, Çelik said, “The $2.75 billion export of the sector in September was the highest September export ever. Exports of automobiles increased by double digits and tractor exports increased by triple digits. made its assessment.

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