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What makes Portugal so attractive to immigrants?

In recent years, the immigrant population has grown considerably in Portugal. According to the most recent data, immigrants constitute about 7% of the Portuguese population, which shows an increase of 3% since the end of the 2000s. But after all, what makes Portugal so attractive to immigrants? In this article, learn about the main factors that make Portugal a place of choice for many immigrants, namely, for immigrants from Portuguese-speaking countries. Also read: Immigrants working in Portugal: Rights, benefits and tax burden


According to the 2022 report by the Institute for Economics & Peace, Portugal is the 6th safest country in the world to live in, in a list of 163 countries. Ahead of Portugal, there are only five countries, among them Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark and Austria. Given these data, many foreigners look to security in Portugal as an indisputable advantage. After all, in many Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Angola or Brazil, the crime rate is quite high, and it is risky to walk in certain areas, especially at certain times of the day or night. In Portugal, life is quiet and the number of robberies, mainly with firearms, is quite low. In other words, most people feel safe on a daily basis, even carrying higher-value goods (such as cell phones or cameras), taking public transport or walking at night. Of course there are robberies and criminality in Portugal. But compared to other countries, the probability of being a victim of a crime is very low.Thus, immigrants looking for a peaceful country to work and live in place Portugal at the top of their list of options.

Attractive climate for many immigrants

Another of Portugal’s strengths is benefiting from a very attractive climate for many immigrants, with mild temperatures in most months of the year. And even though in winter regions with negative temperatures, even with low temperatures in winter, Portugal continues to be a hotter destination than other European countries, where winter is marked by negative temperatures, snow, and rain throughout the year. Therefore, many immigrants take this factor into account, preferring Portugal to, for example, England. Read also: Can foreigners apply for housing credit in Portugal?

affordable cost of living

As a rule, the decision to leave your country of origin to become an immigrant is not an easy one. After all, being an immigrant always has its pros and cons. But bearing in mind that one of the main reasons for someone to immigrate is the possibility of improving their quality of life, the cost of living in the destination country plays a key role in the final decision. Compared to other European Union countries, the cost of living in Portugal is seen as affordable among many immigrants. On average, a couple needs earn between 1,500 and 2,000 euros (net) to cover essential monthly expenses and the payment of extra expenses with subscriptions, leisure, gyms and some health expenses. Furthermore, Portugal has a public health system, as well as free quality education. Also read: Immigrants in Portugal: What does it take to live in the country? This amount of necessary income depends, of course, on several factors. In the large cities of Lisbon and Porto, the cost of living has increased significantly due to housing. In the centers of these two big cities, the cost of rent a T1 apartment costs between 700 and 1,000 euros. And as such, a large chunk of a couple’s family budget goes to housing. And one of the problems is, precisely, the lack of offer of properties for rent. Immigrants who have the financial capacity to buy a property, on the other hand, can see their monthly housing costs reduced. The value of a monthly mortgage loan installment varies depending on the amount of financing, the financing term, the interest rate and the applied spread. Using an example of a financing of 135 thousand euros to be paid over 30 years, with a TAN of 2.7% (spread + index), the monthly installment of credit would be 547.56 euros. In addition to this amount, you would have to add the monthly life insurance charge of the housing credit and multi-risk insurance, 10% of the value of the property to make a down payment, and also the charges with commissions, taxes (IMT, Stamp Duty on credit and property value), and registration. Finally, it is important to mention that an immigrant in Portugal only has access to a housing loan after submitting his first IRS statement. Read also: Buying a house: costs, documents and taxes that you should count on a home loan

Ease of obtaining visas from highly qualified immigrants

In recent years, Portugal has facilitated the entry into the country of highly qualified professionals, mainly for job vacancies in IT. And in this aspect, if you intend to work in Information Technologies, know that the demand for qualified professionals in this area is quite high in Portugal.Of course, if you are a foreign national of a third country, the need to obtain a visa is essential to start working. However, there are specific visas for highly qualified professionals, such as the D3 visa and Tech Visa. These two visas simplify the process for you and your familyand can be requested by Portuguese companies that adhere to the Tech Visa. In addition to these visas, all foreign citizens also have the possibility to request the visa D1 (subordinated professional activity), the D2 visa (for independent professionals), and the new two visas plannedapplied to immigrants: Coming from Member States of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, CPLP;And to workers who pay activity remotely, as is the case with digital nomads. In this case, the residence or temporary stay visa is at issue. Read also: New visa: CPLP immigrants with facilitated mobility

Portuguese companies increasingly open to receiving immigrant workers

Given the scarcity of top professionals in some areas, there are more and more Portuguese companies that looking for foreign professionals to perform certain functions. And many companies are even hiring professionals who do not live in the country, precisely to fill the labor shortage. by professionals. In this way, many companies provide their employees with a wide range of flexible benefits.If you are a professional in the area of ​​innovation, know that Doctor Finance has open positions.

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