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How to use the ATM without a bank card

Has it ever happened to you to leave the house without your wallet or forget your debit card and spend all day without money? In fact, I could have used ATM machine without bank cardO. Find out, in this article, how to proceed. In Portugal, there are currently about 12 thousand ATMs scattered across the country. In fact, this system is over 30 years old and has radically changed the way we deal with money on a daily basis. Nonetheless, to be able to use the ATM without your debit card you must have MB Way.

What is the MB Way?

Today, the most recent studies show that about three million Portuguese have already joined the MB Way. This is a service created by SIBS, the manager of the Multibanco network, which allows use your debit card even without having it physically with you, as long as you have an application (app) for your smartphone.MB Way is a kind of virtual ATM through which you can:Make purchases online and in store;Create MBNET cards;Use ATM machines;Send money;among other operations. You can join in two ways:via the app;or at Multibanco.Also read: Beware of fraud with MB Way: learn how to use this application

How to use the ATM without a card?

When the first ATM machine appeared in Portugal, more specifically in 1985practically only one operation was possible: raise money.Now, after all these years, nowadays at an ATM can perform dozens of operations, namely: Withdrawal of money; Payment of services; Check balances; Purchases; Transfers; Telecommunications; Deliveries and deposits; Payments to the State; finally, other operations. We use money in our daily lives. A few years ago it was unthinkable to go to an ATM and do anything without a debit card. Now, the new features of MB Way allow you to use the ATM without a card.

Using the ATM without a card: step by step

First of all, to use this service you must complete the following actions:1. load on green key from the ATM;two. Choose option “Use ATM”.3. Then, through the MB Way app, you must “read the QR code” displayed on the screen and authenticate with your PIN, touchID, fingerprint or faceID. QR Code reading is confirmed and the PIN validatedMultibanco is unlocked in the same way as when you use your debit card.4. from there you can access the usual menu and carry out the operations available at any ATM in the national network. In addition, all ATMs in the country have already been updated, so this functionality is available throughout the national territory.

How to raise money?

Probably, withdrawing money will be the main operation that anyone performs at an ATM. But, as already mentioned, you must have the MB Way application installed on your smartphone or tablet. Thus, already in the application, you must take the next steps:select card you want to use;Choose the option “raise money“;finally, enter the value who wants to get up. Then the application automatically generates a ten-digit codewhich you must validate with your “MB Way PIN” or “Touch ID. Finally, you need to go to an ATM in person and enter that same code, in order to withdraw money without a card.

Is it possible to share the generated code?

Yes, it is possible. Ie, whoever has this application can send the code to someone else, either by SMS or notification. In other words, with access to this code, anyone will be able to withdraw the amount they initially selected. access the application and carry out the next steps:Choose the option “withdraw money“;Select or enter the amount desired;Choose the recipient;finally, click OK.After doing the “login” with MB Way PIN or Touch ID, you will receive a successful submission message. If the recipient is not a member of the MB Way, then the code will be sent by SMS. But if you are already a member, the code appears through a notification.Then the recipient who received the notification or SMS must go to an ATM, press the green key and enter the code generated by the MB Way to receive the money. On the other hand, this code is unique and have a limited usage time. More specifically, it is valid for half an hour. After the limit, the generated code expires, being necessary to repeat the process to generate a new code.

What precautions should you take when using the MB Way?

To avoid falling into scams or fraud, SIBS, the entity that manages the ATM network, gives some security recommendations to application users.never add a mobile number that is not yours or that you do not know;do not provide confidential or personal data via email or sms;do not click in calls received via email or sms; Read also: Lost your ATM card? Know what to do;

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