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Deals on toys before Christmas? How to avoid spending more than you want

Christmas is at the door and with it come the usual promotions on toys🇧🇷 During the months of November and December, many shopping areas carry out this type of campaign, which ranges from direct discounts to voucher discounts. Discount percentages can reach 60%. These promotions can be a good opportunity to buy toys for the youngest at much more affordable prices and, thus, ensure you maximize your savings🇧🇷 However, there are some situations that you should be aware of, namely price changes🇧🇷 Therefore, in this article, we address some tips that you should take into account, if you decide to take advantage of these promotions, in order to guarantee that spend as little as possible.

Track prices over time

The most important tip to guarantee the best savings in this type of campaigns is track item prices over time. Often, during these promotions, some shopping areas adopt a strategy based on increase in the product’s original PVP. Thus, by increasing the original price of the item, it will appear that the promotion is superior, while increasing the sellers’ profit margin. For example, let’s assume an original PVP of €25, if the promotion goes up to €50 and then a 50% discount is added, the price you will pay will be the same. That is, the discount will be zero. Read more: Christmas in two months? Prepare and maximize savings

Organize and anticipate your shopping list

The second tip concerns the organization and with planning. As in any other situation involving personal finances, being organized is key to maximizing savings and minimizing “headaches“. When the time for toy campaigns approaches, make a list of the children you are going to give a gift to. Then, write down the chosen toy. To make this choice, we suggest that you prepare in time and whenever you go shopping in the previous weeks, take the opportunity to stop by the toy area and get ideas. So, when the time comes, it will be easier to get what you want and avoid higher expenses.As for the advantages of making a list of toys you want to give away, think that it is for exactly the same reason you should do it when shopping for the house, that is, to avoid unnecessary purchases🇧🇷 If you don’t have a list, you’ll end up buying “extra” toys. Also, without a list, you might forget someone, which could mean having to buy something later and without a discount. The benefit of lists is to ensure focus on items and people, preventing you from dispersing and ending up buying more things.It is essential that you look plan your toy purchases in advance. This type of campaigns is simple, as they take place every year at the same time. So, avoid doing it at the last minute, as it will only increase the risk of spending more than you were expecting. Remember, the planning is the key for greater savings. Also read: Christmas expenses: How to avoid them affecting your walletAs with any promotional campaign, at this point, most commercial areas carry out this type of promotion. Before deciding on a store, you should compare the discounts🇧🇷 Currently, this comparison is facilitated, as we have the option of search online on store platforms🇧🇷 Therefore, try to compare the discounts and prices of the items you need, in order to guarantee the maximization of your savings. Although this type of campaign can be short-lived, often just two or three days, if you know which items you want to buy, this comparison can be done in just a few minutes. some applications, such as Super Save, who do this comparison for you. Just select the items you would like to purchase and place them in the application. It then shows you the different prices on different surfaces so you can choose which one is worth the most.Read more: Unique and affordable gift? Get ready to make your Christmas basketNowadays, with the growth of online stores, it is not necessary to go to a commercial surface in person to take advantage of discount campaigns🇧🇷 Once you decide to shop online, you must ensure that you do so as soon as possible. For example, assuming that the promotion takes place on Saturday and Sunday, try to buy as early as Saturday, as demand can be high and stocks of items are limited. In addition, another of the conveniences of online shopping is the delivery options🇧🇷 You can choose to receive it at your home, or, if you prefer, send the items to the store or to another collection point near you. Also read: 15 accessible and remarkable souvenirs to offer this ChristmasAnother tip goes through accumulate discounts, whenever you can. There are shopping areas that allow you to put this savings strategy into practice. For example, suppose that in addition to the direct discount on items, you also have a discount coupon. If accumulating is allowed, you will get a higher percentage of discount or accumulate balance on your customer card. Also read: Want to save on Christmas gifts? The trick is in the budget

Avoid taking children with you

Another savings strategy in toy campaigns goes through avoid taking children with you on this type of shopping. In addition to the surprise factor, the most important reason for not taking children with you is the possibility of minimizing expenses, as they are easily influenced and will end up asking you for every toy they see. Commercial surfaces study the best strategies to attract customers and with regard to children it is no different. The toys are right at the entrance to the store, but they will also be scattered in different places. The idea is to remind the consumer that the toys are on sale. If for adults it is sometimes difficult to resist, imagine for children. Also read: This year could be different: 7 tips for a more sustainable Christmas

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